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Time flies with Eazymec! Children’s creativity, motor skills and ingenuity are encouraged by these amazing building sets.  

Because of the product’s simplicity, it is easy to construct and assemble. By turning, flipping and experimenting with plates and assembly locks, you can practice problem solving and motoring skills.

The large parts give the children an opportunity to play both with and inside the building models. While building, let the imagination run wild!

The building sets and their different plates and assembly locks offer many, if not infinite, possibilities. Challenge your creativity with Eazymec! Eazymec is a wonderful group activity – the more people engaged in the process of building, the level of skilled work increases, when teamwork skills are used.

We have some suggestions on what to build – what are yours?

Basic Set

Contains 60 plates and accessories

Special price: 1 175 SEK
Ordinary price: 1 795 SEK

Small Set

Contains 25 plates and accessories

Special price: 735 SEK
Ordinary price: 1 125 SEK

Medium Set

Contains 50 plates and accessories

Special price: 1 245 SEK
Ordinary price: 1 675 SEK

Starter Set

Contains 20 plates and accessories.

Special price: 650 SEK
Ordinary price: 695 SEK

Big Set

Contains 75 plates and accessories

Special price: 2 495 SEK
Ordinary price: 3 150 SEK

Candy Shop Building Set

Contains 58 plates and accessories

Special price: 1 625 SEK
Ordinary price: 2 120 SEK
Tugge beaver
Tugge-Beaver and his Friends – Meet the Eazymec Mascot

Tugge-Beaver is the master builder in the forest, and the mascot of Eazymec. He lives in the forest with his big family: Beaver-Nils, Old Beaver, Chubby-Beaver and Lisa-Beaver. There are several books about Tugge-Beaver and his friends.

About EazyMec

Jeff Nilsson created Eazymec in 1978, but the concept of the large plates with great building potential lay dormant in a shoe box until 2012, when Jeff Nilsson and Erik Björemo found that the timing was right to start developing the product.

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